APC x Nike

Yet another cool sneaker collaboration has landed! This time it’s the second APC x Nike collaboration.  Last time they collaborated I was too slow (again!) to bag a pair but this time, well read on.

The APC x Nike collection was launched when I was en-route to a meeting so when I got around to checking the APC store I missed out!  The other Friday  I noticed a tweet by Nola’s Boutique talking about their new APC pieces, on the off chance that they might have the APC x Nike’s in I thought I would take a look sadly Nola didn’t have them but they do have some cool APC pieces so have a peek!   Now being in an APC mood I surfed over to the APC site and, just by luck, they had the Dunks High Beige in my size – clicked, bagged, checked out super quick, I wasn’t missing out this time!

APC x Nike

APC x Nike

There are only two styles this time round for the collaboration; the Dunks in Black or Beige and the Air Max 1 in Black or White, both unisex styles.  Mr B was pretty gutted as he didn’t manage to get a pair as he is the Dunk king!  Both styles appear to be sold out now on the APC site, you might be able to hunt some down in a store somewhere but I’ve never seen them out and about however it might be worth checking back as someone might just return a pair in your size!

They are a thicker sneaker than I was expecting, really solid but lovely suede and really soft leather.  They had a first outing on Sunday when the sky was blue with no chance of any rain and my feet were actually too hot in them.  They are defo a spring/dry autumn sneaker.  Being a high Dunk they are not a sneaker to put on or take off in a hurry.  The only APC branding on this pair is on the inside of the leather tongue, typical simple discret branding from the French brand.  How my French work colleague can like APC to Jack Wills, I don’t know?

SJ in APC x NikeSunglasses – Sheriff & Cherry (again I know – but I luuurve them!)
Sweater – Whistles Luna – £65
Jeans – J Brand Aiden similar can be found here
Sneakers – APC x Nike €125 

Here I am chilling on the bench flicking through Vogue wearing the Whistles Luna sweater I blogged about a while ago with some JBrands I got on the last day of the Donna Ida winter sale, it’s always worth buying boyfriend jeans on sale as you will wear them forever!

So what do you think of my Dunks?


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  1. Brianna

    I was eager to buy a pair of black dunks, but unfortunately sold out. A.P.C New York had a pair of beige in my size, i quickly called and order the pair, i waited for 3 days and the shoes arrived today. I may say i was lucky enough to email a.p.c and poof a pair is available.


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