& Other Stories, Regent St

So the other week when I popped into London I made a special trip to Regents Street to have a peek in the ‘& Other Stories‘ first and only UK store.  If you don’t know and haven’t read my previous post about this brand ‘& Other Stories‘ is the ‘better looking’ sister to High Street giant H&M.

I can’t for the life of me remember who was based in this store on Regents Street before ‘& Other Stories‘ moved in but it’s just down from Topshop opposite the Apple Store.  The store itself is completely different to H&M which for me is a huge plus; there’s lots of space, the clothes are displayed, not rammed on the rails and there are limited quantities of each piece out on display.  There also seemed to be a lot of light instore, all in, it was a much more pleasant shopping experience than I was expecting.

& Other Stories, Regent St

There is a great selection of accessories and I love that they have put accessories throughout the store not just in one spot.  The bags selection is particularly strong; some great little cross-body bags perfect for the up-coming festival season as well as designer looking clutches at high-street prices.  There is a big shoe section on the first floor although on the day I visited nothing really grabbed my attention shoe-wise.

SJ in & Other Stories, Regent StHat – Abigail Lorick  & Other Stories  Crownless Hat £17

My only complaint was that a lot of the clothes had obviously been tried on hundreds of times and so several of the pieces I pulled out had make-up marks on them and just looked already worn, practically second-hand!  Maybe the the make-up marks were down to the huge collection of make-up and skin care they stock, the make-up did look pretty good but as Mr B was getting twitchy to get over to the Apple Store I didn’t have a play.

However I did buy a very cool tee that has an awesome flower pattern on it; sleeveless on the right side and a tee shirt length arm on the left side.  This little tee was only £12 so I just had to get it.  I also bought the chain necklace I mentioned in my previous post.  Sadly the palm print sleeveless shirt wasn’t available in my size so I only came away with two purchases but overall I’m impressed with the design and quality, the clothes won’t last for years but they will last longer than one season which tops H&M from my experience recently.  But I do think you really need to purchase online or call into store first thing before it’s all been tried on!

& Other Stories Tee& Other Stories – Single-Sleeved Tee £12

When I got home I thought I’d place an order for the top I wanted and experience the ‘& Other Stories‘ online offering.  I had a really bad experience with H&M – they wont delivery to a work address and cancelled my order by letter after waiting 5 weeks!  ‘& Other Stories‘ seem to have the online element just right, it’s easy to place an order and I could select different billing/delivery addresses, I ordered on Saturday 4th May and it arrived on Wednesday 8th so not too bad considering there was a bank holiday in-between those dates.  There was a delivery charge of £6 which seemed a bit steep compared to most online retailers but at least it got here super quick.

Palm Print Shirt& Other Stories – Palm Print Sleeveless Shirt  £29

On the sizing front both items I purchased were a 36 (equivalent of a UK 10) and fitted well, surprising as H&M wouldn’t go near me in a size 10 as I find they scrimp on material.  So sizing is true or a bit generous, I guess trousers will be the real test for me though as I do have hips and an arse!

Oh and inside my package with the paperwork and returns labels was a sample of the ‘Lemon Daydream‘ body lotion, I’m looking forward to trying this out.

So what do you think of my buys?  Share your ‘& Other Stories‘ purchases, would love to know what you’ve bought. Or have your H&M disasters put you off?


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  1. angela

    had no idea this shop existed and definitely need to make a trip over there. i love the chain necklace you got it’s super cute!


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