I really don’t know where 2014 has gone!  I guess it’s true what they say, the older you get, the quicker the years go by and that certainly feels the way with 2014.  It’s been a first full year living with a furry friend again which is just a joy even though Huxley can be a handful at times, nothing beats coming home after a bad day in the office to be greeted by a waggy tail and his gorgeous little face looking up at me!

We have also spent a full year in our house, while we still haven’t got it quite as we would like it, it’s getting there very slowly!  Having my own home again just feels so good; it’s my space, I can just shut the door and that’s it my own little sanctuary.  One thing we have done to the house is add lots of new art this year, art is a new expensive addiction, but I get so much pleasure out of just sitting, looking at my walls.

It’s been a busy year blog wise with my first fashion week, more buying trips to Scoop London with the Woodie & Morris team and I also got to work with some amazing brands and boutiques including Florian London, John Lewis, Smiley, Ultimo Lingerie, 5 Units Denim, Sunglass Junkie, Urban Knit, Formula, Black White Denim, The Dressing Room, Woodie & Morris and Avenue 32.

Here’s some of my favourite pictures of the year, Huxley might sneak in a few times!

I’m off out for dinner to celebrate bringing in the new year.  I hope you all have a lovely evening and thank you for reading my blog during 2014, heres to a fun filled fab and healthy 2015!

Love & big kisses


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